2018 Local Election Candidates

We are once again standing candidates in all 18 council wards of Lewisham. By voting Green in the local elections you can help make sure that there is a voice in the council to challenge Labour on the issues that matter to you.

Mayoral Candidate

John Coughlin

We believe that a Mayor and cabinet system concentrates decision-making in too small a group. This is no good for democracy or for the people of Lewisham. We support a referendum on whether to keep the system. Greens have represented residents in Lewisham since 2002. John was elected as a councillor for Brockley in 2014, as the borough's only opposition councillor, the only member holding Labour to account. A vote for John as Mayor is a vote to return power to councillors and for a fairer local democracy. 

Brockley Candidates

Brockley Candidates for 2018 Council Election

John Coughlin

Councillor John CoughlinJohn is a freelance translator and local musician. As a member of Brockley Tenants Coop, he is absolutely committed to the provision of affordable, well maintained homes, especially within the framework of cooperative societies. Elected as Councillor for Brockley in 2014, John has spent the last four years as the sole opposition councillor in Lewisham and as such, he is in the perfect position to promote the Green values of consensus and non-adversarial politics.

His achievements over the last four years include constructively criticising the Labour Council's budget, helping residents of Brockley with various issues, working with the Tanner's Hill Residents Association, presenting a motion for Fairer Votes in local elections, visiting the Walthamstow Mini-Holland to learn about how to implement liveable neighbourhoods here in Lewisham, and holding the Council to account over the botched Millwall CPO. 


Clare Lorraine Phipps

Candidate Clare Lorraine PhippsClare Lorraine Phipps is a researcher specialising in health, disability and gender. She believes that writing about issues isn't enough and so also campaigns in these areas, most recently to extend civil partnerships to mixed gender couples and the campaign to increase the diversity of Parliament by allowing MPs to job-share. In 2015, she was part of a court case to overturn the ban, which means that people like Clare who cannot work full time cannot currently become MPs. Clare is disabled, and in 2016 she was selected to be an International Ambassador for her disorder, Idiopathic Hypersomnia. From 2016-17 she was Chair of the Green Party of England and Wales and is currently Secretary of Green Party Women. When she's able to Clare loves singing, cycling and working on her sign language.

"As a disabled young woman I know first hand the impact having a complacent council has on our residents. I'm someone who has sadly become used to fighting for my basic rights - for social care, for a home that isn't in such a delapidated state a newspaper wants to take pictures. I would absolutely love to be able to use the experience I have gained as a councillor helping residents in the borough my family have lived for over 100 years."

Harvir Sangha

Candidate Harvir SanghaHarvir is a member of the Green Party because she believes in people power for positive social change. She has been active in Lewisham Green Party since the 2015 General Election, and is passionate about tackling local issues. Harvir works in Corporate Social Responsibility.

"As a new mother I look at challenges facing Lewisham residents and worry about decisions the Labour run Council is making for our future. I am concerned about air pollution, the quality of local schools and access to local services. We need an opposition voice to represent residents' genuine concerns."


Ladywell Candidates

Ladywell Candidates for 2018 Council Election

Corin Ashwell

Candidate Corin AshwellCorin says: "I've lived in Ladywell for 6 years and I think it's great but it could be so much better. As a parent I'm concerned about the effects of air pollution on my daughter's health, and I've also seen at firsthand problems caused due to Lewisham's lack of school places.

I'm not a professional politician, I work as a software engineer. If you elect me I will strive to hold Lewisham council to account simply to improve where we live, not in order to have a career in politics leading to Parliament or the Lords like some previous Lewisham councillors."



Matt Barker

Candidate Matt Barker

If elected as a Ladywell councillor, Matt will work on improving the liveability of the neighbourhood, by trying to make sure it is a safe and pleasant as possible to walk and cycle around.

Matt says: "I will try to implement ideas from a site visit to the Waltham Forest Mini-Holland scheme last year and apply it to Ladywell."

Matt Barker has lived in the London Borough of Lewisham for over seven years and has taken a keen interest in economic and social justice here. 

John Keidan

Candidate John KeidanJohn has lived in Ladywell for nearly ten years and in south east London for all his adult life.  He has worked in housing, social care and for the NHS.  John has been involved in many different local community groups and also, in his trades union, he has campaigned for LGBT rights.  John currently chairs the Patient Participation Group of his local GP Practice.

John says "we need to have Green Councillors representing Ladywell once again.  Only then will Lewisham Council pay proper attention to greening our environment and to building more homes that people can afford to rent or to buy."


Other Wards


Bellingham Mary McGeown
Blackheath Abigail Phillips
Catford South Rosie Downes
Crofton Park Alan Greenwood Alison Pick Julia Rendall
Downham Hanna Hewins
Evelyn James Braun
Forest Hill Keith Chambers Martin Cox Mark Cunningham
Grove Park Petroc Ap Seisyltt
Lee Green Caroline Sandes
Lewisham Central Eugenia Barnett Claire Cooper Charles Guille
New Cross Andrea Carey Fuller
Perry Vale Ion Catuneanu
Rushey Green Matt Hawkins Mike Keogh Cath Miller
Sydenham Matt Freake
Telegraph Hill Jess Wiles
Whitefoot Gerry Howell