John Coughlin - Lewisham, Deptford


John is a freelance translator and a member of the management team at Brockley Tenants' Coop. He's spent time canvassing for both local and national elections and as a musician he's been involved with fundraising for campaigns such as Save Oxleas Wood. He was elected in 2014, the only seat in the borough not taken my Labour, and as such is solely responsible for holding Labour to account on Lewisham Council.  

'I am happiest, most comfortable in my environment when the society in which I live reflects the values I hold dearest; a willingness to help those less fortunate, a determination to respect and tolerate different viewpoints and lifestyles and to confront the unacceptable aspects of our society."

Störm Poorun - Lewisham East


Störm Poorun is an ecologist and national campaigner on environmental protection. Störm's parents came from Ireland, and Mauritius (of asian origin), and in his early years he was brought up in both countries, before moving to London.

Störm has studied ecology, forestry, law, and environmental science, and has worked in the field of nature conservation, energy conservation, and housing and immigration advice. He has dedicated much of working time to unpaid work for charities and campaigning organisations, including London Wildlife Trust, local educational charities. He has established several low-cost housing co-operatives in South-East London, where he has advised, campaigned, and represented residents on planning issues, resulting in major victories for protection of local open space, and small businesses.

Keep up to date with Störm's campaign on twitter @stormpoorun and on his website

Tom Chance - Lewisham West and Penge


Tom Chance

Tom lives in Anerley. In recent years he has been actively campaigning against over-development on Crystal Palace Park, for less polluting buses around Crystal Palace and Penge, and against speculation on property in the area that has driven up house prices and rents.

In the past decade he led successful Green Party campaigns to make Southwark Council adopt the living wage, get the Mayor of London to support Community Land Trusts building affordable housing, and to defend small software companies against a flawed patent law in the European Parliament. He works in local government.

Keep up to date with Tom's campaign on his blog, Facebook page and on Twitter.