Stand Up To Racism march and rally - report from Andrea Carey-Fuller

25 March 2014

Andrea Carey-Fuller at the March Against Racism and Fascism 2014The UN Anti-Racism day was established in 1966 and is observed annually on 21 March to commemorate the day in 1960 when police opened fire and killed 69 people at a peaceful demonstration against the apartheid pass laws in Sharpeville, South Africa.

The atmosphere was one of Unity, the Protest was a peaceful show of strength or purpse. There was music and a wide array of speakers. The daughter of the murdered muslim grandfather, spoke out about the need for racial unity to prevent further deaths through hate crime.

One of the most important messages was that the three main political parties (who weren't there in any evidence for the March!), need to tackle the racism and anti-immigration stance within their ranks. The speeches included respects and acknowledgement of the human rights/social justice leadership given to us 28 years ago by Nelson Mandela in Trafalgar Square and also the legacy of Bob Crow, and Tony Benn.

Natalie Bennett Green Party Leader and Jean Lambert MEP spoke out against Anti-Racism. Jean urged people to use their vote on 22nd to vote for a progressive party (no overt mention of the Green Party), which stood against racism. Other speakers applauded everyone for coming out in support of Anti-Racism, Anti-Xenophobia and Anti-Islamaphobia. Messages about diversity helping to re-build Britain after the war, and how we need to stand up against UKIP and BNP.

The Green Party had representatives from Green Women, Young Greens, myself and Violeta from Lewisham Green Party and Martin from Brent Greens.

This issue is one of increasing importance. The Green Party is making a strong stand for Equality and Fairness in all aspects of UK life. We must keep fighting the rise of UKIP and BNP to protect the Openess and Diversity of our culture and mixed heritage to avoid becoming a Facist State.

Andrea Carey Fuller
Lewisham Ladywell Candidate

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