Lewisham Greens support the campaign to stop academies in Lewisham

19 November 2014

Prederghast not for sale graphicLewisham Greens support the Stop Academies in Lewisham (SAIL) campaign to keep our schools publicly owned and publicly run.


At least five of Lewisham's secondary schools are considering applying for academy status: Bonus Pastor, Hilly Fields, Ladywell Fields, Prendergast Vale and Sedgehill. If they go ahead the schools will no longer be accountable to Lewisham Council, the electorate and parents. Our children's education is at risk of becoming even more competitive, selective and league table based. Staff will face the possibility of working with unqualified teachers and have lower pay, increased workload and reduced union representation, worsening the conditions for children's learning.

Cllr John Coughlin, Green Party councillor for Brockley ward, said,

'Academies are a fast track to the privatisation of education. They increase inequality and have questionable results. We need to bring Lewisham's academies back under Local Education Authority control, not create more of them.'

Campaigning can win

Many schools have been saved from academisation by local campaigning. A recent example is Hove Park in East Sussex. A combination of industrial action, parents' campaigning and Green-led Brighton and Hove City Council voting for a ballot of parents saw off the threat. Stop Academies in Lewisham (SAIL) are at the forefront of the campaign to stop further academisation and privatisation of Lewisham's schools.

Read more about SAIL and keep up to date with the campaign on their Facebook page: http://facebook.com/StopAcademiesinLewisham

Greens are alone among the UK-wide major political parties in opposing academies and free schools.

Lewisham Green Party encourages concerned parents, teachers and residents to attend the SAIL rally outside the next full council meeting at Sedgehill School, Wednesday 26th November, assembling from six o'clock.


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