Lewisham Greens to join Public Ownership of Railways protest

1 January 2015

Picture of a London overground train at a platformOn Monday 5th January Lewisham Green Party will be at Lewisham Station to support protests calling for our railways to be returned to public ownership. The protests, called by the People's Assembly and supported by Action For Rail and The Green Party among others, come days after commuters are hit by another fare increase.

Bringing our railways back in to public hands could save the £4bn currently given to private rail companies each year in subsidies and potentially allow rail fares to be cut by up to 18%

Can you help Lewisham Green Party spread the word on Monday 5th?

We'll assemble from 7.00am at Lewisham Station with placards and postcards to hand out, or you can take some for your local station if you'd prefer.

We're the only national mainstream political party which supports bringing the railways back in to public hands.

Sign up to the Facebook event page here: Lewisham Greens join Action for Rail day

There's more information on the People's Assembly website: Public ownership for railways protest



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