Lewisham Greens call for lower train fares and public ownership of our railways

6 January 2015

Lewisham Green Party activists at Lewisham StationOn Monday 5th January Lewisham Greens were out in force at Lewisham Station to call for lower train fares and public ownership of our railways. This was the first day back to work for many people who found themselves faced with yet another fare increase. The Green Party has pledged an immediate reduction if fares, paid for by reducing the Government's road spending plans, and will renationalise our railways. Private rail companies currently receive £4 billion in taxpayer funded subsidies each year while giving £500 million to their shareholders.

The Greens are the only mainstream national political party which has pledged to bring our railways back in to public ownership.

Tom Chance, Green Party candidate for Lewisham West and Penge, said,

“The way the rail network is being run purely for the benefit of private corporations clearly isn’t delivering for the public. Just as with rocketing house prices and escalating food bills, passengers feel like they’re being made to climb a mountain that seems to go on for ever whilst being loaded up with more baggage with every step they take.

“Rather than continuing with business-as-usual and allowing ticket prices to escalate, the Green Party is committed to developing solutions that will make rail travel affordable for everyone. Our first act would be to increase investment in our railways – a step our government could take today to give passengers a much needed financial break. We would then work to bring the entire network back into public hands, making sure that it delivers a quality and affordable service to passengers.”

Green Party policy could cut the cost of a Zone 1 - 4 Travelcard by up to £200 a year: “We would introduce instant cut to the cost of rail travel” says Green Party as fares rise again


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