Lewisham Greens gain over 150 new members in one week

19 January 2015

Lewisham Green Party's membership passed 500 for the first time last week, with over 150 new members joining.[1]

This is part of a nationwide surge in Green Party membership to nearly 50,000 [2] which has seen the party overtake both UKIP and the Liberal Democrats to become the UK's fourth largest party, behind Labour, the Conservatives and the Scottish National Party.

Tom Chance, Green Party candidate for Lewisham West and Penge, said

'This has been an amazing week for the Green Party and and amazing year for Lewisham Greens. Our local membership has nearly doubled in the last six months and our meetings have been packed with enthusiastic new members. I think Ofcom's bizarre decision to classify us as a minor party, combined with the Opposition's vote on Thursday to support the Coalition's failed austerity agenda and their decision not to reinstate the Independent Living Fund[3] have all contributed to last week's Green surge nationally and locally.'

Cllr. John Coughlin, Green Party candidate for Lewisham Deptford, said

'People have seen the Greens' only current MP, Caroline Lucas, stand up day after day in Parliament fighting their corner. The more people read of our policies the more they know that we are the party for them. UK politics is changing and no matter how much Labour and the Conservatives try to hang on to the two party system those days are gone.'

'There's no chance of the Conservatives winning in any of Lewisham's three constituencies so people can comfortably vote for policies they believe in rather than the lesser of two evils. Stopping academy schools, scrapping Trident and using the money to better fund the NHS, bringing our railways back into public ownership and tackling the soaring costs of energy and housing are just some of the areas where we've got the policies people want and need. We're alone among the major UK wide parties in fully supporting these aims.'

1 159 newly registered members in Lewisham Green Party from Sunday 11/01/2015 - Saturday 17/01/2015
2 Combined Green Party figures for The Green Party of England and Wales and the Scottish Green Party at 16.00 on 16th January -  48,476.
3 The Independent Living Fund is paid directly to disabled people to help them live their day to day lives. http://www.politicshome.com/uk/article/109676/labour_comment_on_the_independent_living_fund_court_ruling_kate_green.html


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