4 May 2015


An end to unaffordable homes and exploitative rent increases

We urgently need an end to the current housing affordability crisis. The size of the private rental sector has ballooned under this government, while home ownership has fallen steeply, alongside genuinely affordable community and socially rented properties.

We must end a situation where buy-to-let landlords are treated as deserving more government support and financial breaks than tenants and home-owners.

The policies of this government, and of previous ones, have imbalanced our housing market to such an extent that the majority of young families in Lewisham now cannot afford to buy a home, and rental prices go unchecked as the bubble of exploitation from overseas investors and buy-to-let expands. 

Many people are being entirely left behind by rising house prices and condemned to unregulated rent increases and short leases by the current government’s disinterest in their problems.

The Green Party is committed to taking action to change this situation - by building more homes for social rent, investing in community-led house building, capping annual rent increases, reforming our planning system to favour genuinely affordable and high quality housing for local people, and ending the tax breaks for buy-to-let landlords which have led to this imbalance.

Please vote Green on May 7th to demand policies to benefit local tenants and homeowners, not subsidies for the commercial housing market.


Cllr John Coughlin, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Lewisham Deptford, Brockley Councillor and local resident


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