14 January 2016

Lewisham residents will have seen numerous Green Party activists out at train stations early in the mornings in the past two weeks. The Green Party is spreading the FairFares message to abolish the zones and close the gaps with a one-hour ticket across all modes to give Londoners fairer fares.

The London-wide campaign launched on 4th January, the day transport fares went up throughout the country. 

Green Party's candidate for Mayor of London, Sian Berry said "we'll level the playing field to make everyone's journey to work cost the same, removing the hidden penalties if you live in outer London, work part time, need to take two buses, or change between tube, bus and train on your way".

Our three key measures are:

  • the phased introduction of a flat fare structure, making zones a thing of the past, with the immediate abolition of zones 6 and 4
  • justice for part-time workers, with a daily cap that matches the rates paid by monthly season ticket holders
  • a new 'ONE Ticket' allowing changes across all modes to close the gaps for people who currently pay twice when changing from bus or train to the Tube as well as ensuring that people changing buses pay only once for their journey.

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