Andrea Carey Fuller for Evelyn by-election

17 September 2016


The Green Party has nominated its candidate for the Evelyn By-election on an opposition platform to Labour. Andrea Carey Fuller a community activist who has been supporting local residents to write a Neighbourhood Plan (to give the community greater planning powers) and is standing to offer people a strong alternative voice to Labour.  

Andrea is a community care lawyer, who previously worked for the British Red Cross, and has campaigned for the rights of children and young people, disabled people, older people and mental health service users.

Over the last two years, she has been campaigning in support of local people to get a better deal out of housing developments: “The current Labour Councillors are not representing the community voices of anger and disappointment at the lack of social and truly affordable housing for people on low to middle incomes – Convoy’s Wharf is a prime example – 3,500 proposed new homes – about 15% are currently proposed as affordable – the true figure of social housing remains to be seen.

The Council are always “dumping on Deptford” – high rise gentrification wherever you look – the future of the younger generations in Deptford is bleak – not enough work and no housing and to add insult to injury the Council are turning schools into “austerity build schools” like the Sir Francis Drake primary school.”

Currently we have 51 Labour Councillors in Lewisham Council and only 1 opposition Green Councillor and the majority of local people are feeling that their Councillors are not standing in support of them on the important issues.  Andrea plans to change this and will be campaigning to get local people to “Make a Change by voting Green to provide an opposition platform to Labour.

“If the Evelyn Community elect yet another Labour Councillor, no matter how hard that Councillor may try to support local people they will be made to tow the Labour line and will end up having to abstain in decision making so as not to embarrass the Labour party.  If  a Green Councillor is elected the Green Party will be able to officially form the opposition party (it only takes two) and will be in a position to do more to oppose bad decision-making which is not in the interests of local people.

People want to see politicians who genuinely care about other people's situations and have a "can do" attitude, politicians who empathise and support the Community’s view and then do something about it.

Andrea expects politicians to maintain standards of democracy, equality and social justice , and feels that most decisions these days seem to be made on a cold hard money-making basis regardless of the consequences for the Community.

Andrea has a good knowledge and connections in the Evelyn area and her heart is truly in Deptford with the Deptford People.





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