Green candidate for Brockley calls on council to “stop dilly dallying” and tackle air pollution

22 September 2016

Green Party candidate for Brockley Clare Phipps has warned Lewisham Council that ongoing delays to road works is putting resident’s health at risk.

Clare was speaking after she joined Lewisham Living Streets for a site tour of the council’s plans to renovate Brockley Road earlier this week. These plans, designed to improve the road for pedestrians and cyclists, have been stuck in the consultation stage for two years.

Clare said:

“Greens on the council have already managed to push the council to introduce a 20mph borough wide limit, which research shows reduces risk of death and serious injury from collisions, cuts air pollution, makes it more pleasant to walk and cycle and improves traffic flow. But as the slow progress on the Brockley corridor scheme shows, we can’t be complacent. That’s why it’s so important for community groups like Living Streets to keep up their good work reminding the council of their promises. On a council where all but one member is Labour, Greens play a vital role in holding them to account and making them keep their promises.

“The council’s current hopes of reducing collisions will be pure fantasy unless they stick to their plans - and go further. We still have an air pollution crisis in this borough that we are waiting for them to tackle. It is sickening that children on this road are forced to breathe in illegal levels of fumes every time they go through the school gate. Those children can’t wait for the council to dilly dally around - they are at risk right now. If I am elected I will pledge to do all in my power to give residents back their streets and their clean air, starting with pushing forwards with the Brockley corridor scheme.”

Clare has pledged that, if elected in the Brockley by-election on October 13th, she will make make driving through improvements to Brockley Road one her main priorities. The council’s own measurements show that air pollution limits are exceeded in all three measurement sites on the “Brockley Corridor” which runs past two primary schools and an adult learning centre.

In the last 5 years, 59 collisions with vehicles involving pedestrians or cyclists have been reported to the police along the corridor, seriously injuring seven but council plans for improvement have stalled.

The current consultation on improvements began in 2014. In February this year, Mayor Steve Bullock reported that the next stage would begin within six months, but so far no action has been taken. When Lewisham Living Streets last contacted the council’s transport division, the timeline had still not been finalised, but they were told the council “welcomed their thoughts” on the plan.

The area marked for improvement runs along Brockley Road south from Brockley station, passing through Crofton Park and becoming Brockley Rise near Honor Oak Park before it meets the South Circular. It passes both Beecroft Garden and Dalmain Primaries.  See the 2014 consultation here:



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