Chair of the Lewisham Green Party has written to the South London Press about the Gateway development

30 January 2017

Lewisham Green Party continues to be dismayed at the plans for the Lewisham Gateway Development which are once again currently subject to a public consultation.

The Green Party supports developments that benefit the people of Lewisham and meet their needs, but the Labour council keeps allowing developments that make vast profits at the expense of local people and the local environment.

A new town centre presents a once in a generation opportunity to make a change for the better for the people of Lewisham. But this opportunity is being squandered to provide more yet more retail and homes for the wealthy and very little open and green space or anything else in the "public realm" for residents and visitors alike.

If the developers get their way, not one of the many hundreds of the new flats that are to built will be sold for prices that are affordable and not one unit will be for rent for social housing.  This is at a time of increasing an ever growing housing and homelessness crisis across all of London.

Lewisham Labour Council is giving the green light to one development after another which give far too much to the developers and does little or nothing to meet local peoples’ needs.  As well as the recent allegations of shady practice around the proposed Millwall FC development, that scheme too, as currently proposed, will deliver little or no social housing.

The Green Party is not against development - but we want to see developments that benefit the people of Lewisham and meet their needs.   In May next year at the local elections Lewisham Green Party will be asking residents to support a Party that will stand up to developers to get a better deal for the people of Lewisham.


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