Green Councillor John Coughlin calls for openness and transparency over Millwall FC Investigation

10 February 2017

Green Party Councillor John Coughlin will be writing to the Chief Executive of Lewisham Council to ensure that the investigation set up by the Council into the way it has handled the development of land near Millwall FC is completely open and transparent.

Councillor Coughlin will be demanding that the terms of reference and the names of the people running the investigation are all made public. John will also be calling for a timetable for the investigation to be published. Whilst the investigation must be thorough, it must not be allowed to run and run. 

John Keidan, Chair of Lewisham Green Party, said “John Coughlin is the only councillor on Lewisham Council who is not a member of the ruling Labour Party which has got us embroiled in this fiasco.  On behalf of all the residents of Lewisham, we are calling on the Council now to come clean, to name names where necessary and to bring forward new proposals which will see a Millwall development that is truly in the interests of local people. If the findings of the investigation show wrongdoing by the Mayor or any of his associates, Lewisham Green Party will be calling for their immediate resignation.” 

For further comment contact us on or come along to our next members and supporters meeting on 23rd February.


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