Party chooses its candidates for Lewisham constituencies

3 May 2017

Lewisham Green Party Members and Candidates

On April 27th, local Green Party members voted for Lewisham Brockley ward Councillor John Coughlin to contest the seat of Lewisham Deptford, for environmental campaigner Störm Poorun to stand in Lewisham East, and local anti-cuts campaigner Karen Wheller for Lewisham West and Penge constituency.

The Green Party has the only council seat not held by Labour in Lewisham. We received record-breaking support in last year’s Mayoral and Assembly elections, taking 14% of the Greenwich and Lewisham constituency vote and coming third behind Labour and the Conservatives overall. In the 2014 Lewisham Council elections, the Greens came second in vote share after Labour.

The Greens will be campaigning on a platform that includes:

  • Opposing both Labour and the Conservative Parties’ reckless support for extreme ‘Brexit’
  • Cleaner air, especially around our schools
  • Standing up for young people and creating a future to look forward to
  • A fairer and more sustainable economy
  • Making safe, energy efficient housing more affordable
  • Reforming our voting system so that every vote matters

Lewisham Deptford candidate John Coughlin said: “The Labour Party have written a blank cheque for the government’s reckless Brexit strategy, and now they have given way to them on an expensive election campaign to allow the Tories to build on their poll-lead over Labour. The people of Lewisham deserve a choice of candidates including Greens who are not like the business-as-usual party candidates.”

Full biographies of the candidates can be found here.

Karen Wheller, Lewisham West and Penge

Störm Poorun, Lewisham East

John Coughlin, Lewisham Deptford



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