John Coughlin selected for Lewisham Deptford

3 May 2017

John Coughlin for Lewisham Deptford

John CoughlinAs far as I can see, there is only one reason to get involved in politics and that is to improve the lives of the people you represent. Anything else is just window dressing and the largest parties in this country are merely paying lip-service to democratic enfranchisement.

I believe in the concept of progressive alliances and will work with anyone to build a fairer future. This election is a chance for everyone who believes that the system of two-party politics has been a failure to vote for change.  

Proportional representation is a more just and equitable voting system, and one which will create an environment where adversarial politics cannot survive. The most unedifying spectacle in politics today is Prime Minister’s Questions where the two largest parties compete to be the most obnoxious and the unhelpful. This braying idiocy has to stop and the Green Party is committed to implementing a less antagonistic political approach: It is only by doing this that we can improve the way politics operates in this country.

The Green Party is the party of progressive political alliance and I am proud of the work done in this regard by Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley.  I believe that Green policies on public services and the environment are compelling and sustainable and that this government’s obsession with austerity has been a disaster for the country.

I work asa freelance translator, I’m a musician and, since 2014, the only opposition councillor in Lewisham. I have always tried to be a constructive, rather than an obstructive member of the council.

Above all, I believe that the Green voice in Lewisham is strong and loud and will not silenced by a complacent political elite and a symbiotically parasitic media.


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