Störm Poorun selected for Lewisham East

3 May 2017

Störm Poorun for Lewisham East

Storm PoorumI'm standing to be your Green MP because I realised we need radical change within Parliament - having spent my life working for change on economic and environmental issues. If elected I promise to take strong action on:

  • air pollution that afflicts all of us, including hotspots like Catford and the South Circular
  • providing truly affordable housing for Lewisham residents
  • protecting our public healthcare system from privatisation and profiteering
  • fighting the closure of cultural spaces and small businesses through gentrification

I'm keen that as the world's 6th richest country, all of us in the UK must share in a fairer and more sustainable future.

The Green Party are the second largest party in Lewisham, and we are the only party on the Council challenging Labour and their agenda of cuts and privatisation.

I have lived in Lewisham for over a decade, and in South London for much of my life. Despite leaving school and home aged 13, I studied Environmental Science at University, whilst being involved in environmental research, LGBT activism, and campaigns to protect wildlife habitat. I have established several businesses and housing co-operatives, and I was a website co-ordinator for Stop the War Coalition around the Iraq war; I founded a protest which prevented building over Crystal Palace Park.

I have the determination, skills, and willpower to ensure we and future generations can benefit from a tolerant and resilient society.

I want to bring to parliament the voice of sustainability and the prospect of sharing our wealth and resources between all, rather than the 1%,

Even a small number of Green MPs can make a world of difference to protect our wages, health service and clean air. So vote for what you believe in.

The first-past-the-post system means that by voting Green you won’t let the Tories in here. The Greens have the only opposition councillor on Lewisham Council. By voting Green, you stand up for what you believe in and the Greens will not break our promises as other parties have done.


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