8 June 2017

It's polling day and we hope you will vote Green across Lewisham. Our candidates are: 

Lewisham West & Penge - Karen Wheller

Lewishm East - Störm Poorun

Lewisham Deptford - John Coughlin 

In Lewisham the seats are held very safely by Labour. Here is the result at the last general election for Lewisham Deptford:

2015 Lewisham Deptford result

But a Green vote really counts, it sends a strong message in support of our values.

A Green vote is a vote to stand up for the environment, where others ignore it.

A Green vote is a vote to defend free movement, where others try to stamp it out.

A Green vote is a vote to end the politics of hate, where others seek to further it.

Click here for a message from our Co-Leader, Caroline Lucas

We hope we can count on your vote today.


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