10 June 2017

Lewisham Candidates & Volunteers at the count

(Lewisham Candidates and volunteers at the election count on Thursday evening)

We would like to say a big thank-you to all our supporters and the people of Lewisham who voted for us at the General Election. Across our three constituencies 3,587 made the decision to give us their one precious vote, in one of the most unique elections we have seen for many years. In all three constituencies we beat UKIP, showing that the politics of love can triumph over the politics of hate.

We would like to say thank you to every one of those voters, who chose to support our vision of a better world.

As a party without the big business donations the other parties receive, we don't have the resources to fight snap election after election, so we knew it would be a tough night. Clearly, some who have previously voted Green did not do so in this election. We know that those people still share our values, as many have told us on the doorstep, and we continue to be grateful that so many share our vision of a confident and caring Britain.

Sadly, in a broken first-past-the-post electoral system, those people may have felt they had no choice but to vote for their 'least worst' choice. We are disappointed that Labour continues to encourage this kind of voting, and we will continue to push them to commit to an electoral system that allows all votes to be represented - not just those which get the winners past the finish line. Not only does it let down voters who believe in the Greens, but it also leaves those voters who have contributed to a large majority effectively unrepresented.

However, we are enormously proud of Caroline Lucas, re-elected for the third time in a massive endorsement for the amazing work she does as a Green MP in Parliament. We're proud of the leadership we've shown in this campaign and the influence of our policies, and how we have led the way towards a different way of doing politics, and are looking forward to building on that work.

Responding to the results, our three candidates Karen Wheller, John Coughlin and Storm Poorun in a joint statement said: "Whatever the result of this election, we can at least now take heart that progressive politics are now back on the agenda - and we will fight to ensure the environment is back on the agenda as well."

"Every Green vote across the country is essential. Each valuable vote has given our MP and councillors a strong mandate, and increases the pressure on Labour and others to take tough action on climate action, air pollution and neglected public services."

Fighting elections doesn't come cheap, especially for the Green Party which cannot rely on big business or the trade unions for funding. Hot on the heels of the General Election will come the local elections in May next year where, in Lewisham, we will be campaigning hard to keep the one Green seat on the Council we already have and to gain more.

We therefore appeal to all of you, to help us to continue our work by making a donation. No amount is too small. Donations can still be made made via our general election Crowdfunder pages or via our website.


We hope you will continue to fight with us in building support and continuing to push politics in the direction of the issues that really matter.


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