4 July 2017

Lewisham Greens will be making a fact-finding trip to visit the Walthamstow Mini-Holland scheme on Saturday 15th July.

The Mini-Holland scheme has been hailed as a great success by many at enabling safe walking and cycling and reducing motor-vehicle traffic in the area. It has not been without controversy, however, particularly with some residents and others being initially opposed to the proposal.

Lewisham Green Party will visit the scheme and be given a tour in order to gather evidence for ourselves about the value of the scheme and the best way of implementing such schemes so as to generate the highest possible level of consensus throughout the community.

We invite Lewisham Green Party members and supporters to join us on this fact-finding trip which will be led by our Councillor for Brockley ward, John Coughlin, and our Party Coordinator.

For further details about the arrangements for the visit please contact Corin on coordinator@lewisham.greenparty.org.uk


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