A fairer voting system for councillors in Lewisham

14 November 2017

John Coughlin, the Green Party councillor on Lewisham council and the sole opposition councillor, has proposed a motion to be voted on at the full council meeting on Wednesday November 22nd that local elections in Lewisham should be conducted using a proportional voting system.

John's motion states: "This Council believes that a proportional voting system best reflects the democratic values of Lewisham Council and that proportional representation is the optimum expression of the legitimate democratic wishes of the people of Lewisham."

John, who is a councillor for Brockley ward, says: "I believe we should trust the people of Lewisham to elect the representatives they want no matter which party they belong to. How the people of Lewisham vote should be reflected in their councillors."

Lewisham Council currently consists of 53 Labour councillors and 1 non-Labour councillor. The Greens took 16% of the vote at the last elections in 2014 and gained 1.8% of the councillors! Labour's 98.2% dominance in the council chamber is on the back of 51% of the votes.

A fairer voting system would lead to a more democratically diverse council chamber where all voters' interests were represented. At present, Lewisham is effectively a one-party state.

We urge all our supporters to get in contact with their local councillors and ask them to vote for John's motion at the council meeting on 22nd November. You can find out who your councillors are here: http://councilmeetings.lewisham.gov.uk/mgFindMember.aspx?


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