The Great NHS Heist

20 January 2020

Despite what we are told by politicians the NHS has become increasingly privatised over the last 20 years (See this Open Democracy article:

In 2016, as part of Lewisham Keep Our NHS Public, Andrea Carey Fuller, our Lewisham Deptford Candidate campaigned to Keep Our NHS Public at Lewisham People's Day and later that year campaigned to support Junior Doctors and to save Lewisham's Community Children's Nurses. Our NHS is in crisis due to lack of funding over the past 9 years and as a result of hideous Private Finance Initiative (PFI) deals it has been tied into. The Great NHS Heist premiered in late November 2019, and Lewisham Green Party would urge our members to watch this film for free and circulate it to family, friends and colleagues:

Please share it widely and help us expose the heist of the nation's proudest achievement #NHSNotForSale #TheGreatNHSHeist


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