What we stand for

We are facing a crisis of growing inequality, dangerous levels of pollution and increasingly unaffordable housing, out of reach of ordinary Londoners.

Lewisham Green Party stands for:


A Fairer Society 

Pushing for all local employers to pay at least the London Living Wage, an end to zero hours contracts and tough action on racism and discrimination.

Standing Up For Public Services

Opposing the Government's austerity cuts and working with local community groups to protect our schools, health services and fire stations and provide proper care for the elderly.

Genuinely Affordable Housing

Building new council and social housing as well as pushing for rent controls on private landlords to protect tenants from unaffordable rent increases.

Safer and Healthier Streets

Reducing traffic to cut pollution and introducing a default borough-wide 20mph speed limit to make our streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

Protecting the Local Environment

Setting up green energy co-ops, re-instating the tree-planting budget and encouraging more community gardens and local food growing.


Our Lewisham priorites are underpinned by the Green Party Manifesto https://www.greenparty.org.uk/we-stand-for/2015-manifesto.html